Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum in Sydney


Next month, Sydney plays host to the Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum. Hosted by Ross Dawson’s Future Exploration Network, the conference should be a festival of ideas and case studies of what works and what is on the cards in the rundown mishmash of social media and large scale business. There are a wealth of good speakers lining up, and the venue, Luna Park, captures the beauty of Sydney for all our overseas guests. For those of you who are wondering how social media / web 2.0 will play out in the enterprise or in government, this one day conference (February 19, 2008) could well be the best $500 you ever spend.

One thought on “Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum in Sydney

  1. Looks like a good agenda and line up. It’s a shame I’m so far away, but I know my new friend Des Walsh will be there, so I’m looking forward to a report.

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