Confession Time – 8 Things in 08

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Normally I am all over a meme. I have willingly joined in the Eight Random Things, Z-list, O-list and the Zombie Apocalypse (as well as many others). I find them a great way to discover new links, sites and content as well as a great opportunity to disclose something new about yourself. After all, blogs are, in many ways, a slow striptease where the writer reveals ever more pieces of personal and professional information until the readers have built a strong and even compelling sense of the author.

Now, my long term readers will know that I started out being quite reticent about my identity and its disclosure. But over time this changed … I began to openly write under my own name, include personal photos, audio and even video casts. Yet each time, I do so I feel like I am confessing something about myself … that in displaying, writing or "performing", some element of my true nature is revealed. This is both frightening and liberating.

Over the last few weeks I have been tagged by both Wonderwebby and Jon for the "Eight Things" meme. In this meme, my challenge is to confess eight things that you probably don’t know about me. So, in an effort to frighten both you and me, I will dig into the annals of my personal history:

  1. I have a fascination with the supernatural. It scares me off and draws me closer. I can never entirely escape it.
  2. My scariest experience was with a ouija board and some friends at high school. We tapped into something that knew too much about us all.
  3. I once felt close to madness after not sleeping for three days and nights. It seemed like a choice, and thankfully I was able to resist (these points are not all related).
  4. I used to be a full-on vegan. It was political. I wanted to change the world.
  5. Now I am a fairly "normal vegetarian", but I have not eaten red meat in over 20 years. It’s not really political anymore, it is just the way I am.
  6. As a child I loved the idea of having an office. I used to hide behind the louvre doors at my grandparents house and work on my colouring-in. By the time I entered the workforce it was all open plan … this remains one of my greatest disappointments 😉
  7. I am a font of ideas. I can come up with a million great ideas with ease.
  8. Despite a high level of output, I still procrastinate terribly. I wonder whether this is linked to the number of ideas, a fear of failure (or success) or just part of my personal creative process.

3 thoughts on “Confession Time – 8 Things in 08

  1. Hi Gavin,
    Very interesting confessions of yours… I too have a thing for the supernatural and have a paralyzing fear of ghosts (and a fascination).
    It is really, really hard to be full on Vegan. At the beginning of the year I went at it full force, and even decided to be a raw vegan, but I’ve since caved in, and am now “normal vegetarian” 🙂
    Love your list…
    Very interesting confessions of yours…

  2. Ah, a former vegan! I too am one, was even a full-on member of the vegan police LOL. Am now a lacto-ovo no flesh vegetarian of gosh, 22 years.

  3. #7 & #8 ring true for me too… I find while I’m “procrastinating” most creative stuff it’s because I’m actually still running through it in my head.
    Stuff goes to paper/computer and comes out mostly formed in bursts which I tweak. Rather than endless iterations.

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