Stop Kids Finding Bad Stuff on the Web

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If you are like me, at this time of year we get together with our extended families. This inevitably means kids, toys and a bit of technology thrown in. And each year I think to myself, "I must install those parental controls on my computer", so that I can happily let my inquisitive nephews search the web/play online. And each year, I forget. But this year I WILL do it.

However, this year there is something else. A neat new search engine designed specifically for kids, called Quintura. Once you enter your search terms, Quintura brings back a nice tag cloud of related words that your kids can click on (no need to type additional search terms). This really makes searching a lot more fun and far more intuitive (something that Google and others could learn from).

What I particularly like is that this takes the experience of search to a whole new level. This interface turns "search" into something closer to a game … providing kids with information that rewards (and encourages) their curiosity while also letting parents breathe a sigh of relief. Now THAT is a user experience that extends way beyond the screen — when someone who actually DOESN’T use your service supports and trusts it, then you are onto a winner. I am sure many brands would love to be in that position!

Tip of the hat to Ewan McIntosh.

2 thoughts on “Stop Kids Finding Bad Stuff on the Web

  1. Thank you for your review! We are striving to bring kids a new search experience.
    You can embed Quintura Kids onto your blog and search right from it by clicking Embed it! on Quintura Kids to get code.

  2. Hey that’s a great idea. Google is great, but its linking architecture tends to yield unfavorable results sometimes. A good example would be typing in the name of a movie, and the first results are from torrent sites that often contain adult-oriented ads.
    I wish them great luck!

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