Old News from an Old World

Old News
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Stories on archaeology always catch my attention. There is something that draws me in to tales of discovery … it is the sense of wonder and the desire to be astounded.

So when I saw this article in today’s Sydney Morning Herald, I was excited t learn more. The discovery of the cave where Romulus and Remus were suckled by a wolf is no small find. It is, afterall, the founding place of Rome. But I wanted more information and Australian news sites are notoriously stingy in linking through to additional sources of content that is not of their own making.

A couple of seconds later and Google had delivered me a spectacular number of links and pictures. But what suprised me most was this article by National Geographic reporting the same story. Only, this story was published in JANUARY!

To masquerade old news as a story of current interest quite simply astounds me. Do the editors at SMH think that we can’t check? Do they think we won’t? Surely, in the midst of an election, there is plenty of current (and important) newsworthy material available.

Just goes to show that many of the Australian publishing houses have yet to realise the significance of the changes that are overtaking their industry. Australia is no longer at the other end of the world … and news shouldn’t take six months to get here? Did it come by sailing ship? That would be so old world.