Buyer Beware!

VW Polo Dune
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I have always loved VWs. As a kid, some of my earliest memories are of driving around with my mum in her Beetle. There was stuffing coming out of the seats and it smelled like a cross between straw and stale beach holidays. But we loved it.

A few years ago I bought a VW Golf. It was great. Reliable. Fun to drive. And it kept going and going. At the time I lived a long way from my place of work and I was driving 110kms to the office each way. The Golf never missed a beat in four years. I would gladly have another.

So I can understand Leisa Reichhelt’s interest in buying a VW Polo. Another great car. But Leisa’s story is also about caution and about Internet scams. Take a look and see how she unravels a scammer’s communications. See how the design cues of the website and the email correspondence inspired MISTRUST and fear. And see also how a little real world investigation saved a lot of money and heartache.

One thought on “Buyer Beware!

  1. This was a very timely post. I was asked by a collegue at work (as I’m a “world aware risk type guy”) about a potential car scam. My collegue is selling his car and has been approached by an overseas buyer willing to buy unsighted. It smells fishy… There are scams for selling cars too.

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