Fight for Kisses

Wilkinson_soc_tatt One of the challenges of digital storytelling is combining consistency and expertise. On the one hand there is a need to construct a simple and compelling message and then you need the expertise to ensure that the message resonates with your audience in a range of formats, is flexible enough to work in a variety of formats … and has a certain "talkability" … that it induces conversation.

Here is a nice example of integrated, digital storytelling. It is not comprehensive, but what it does, it does well (apparently this has been floating around for some time, but I only just saw it over at Scamp’s blog). It is a TVC by JWT France … but it also has a very nice microsite attached to it.

For me, this works for the following reasons:

  • It has a Promiscuous Idea — at the heart of the messaging is a "promiscuous idea" (this was my topic for the Age of Conversation) … this is a concept that finds its way out — it reaches the audience, it taps into our emotions and it drives our creative processes.
  • The tactical execution IS the strategy — I have ranted on about this before, but this is a great example. Watch the ease with which the "consumer" moves from passively watching a TVC to actively exploring the website to participating in some of the digital activites (making a tattoo, playing a game) … to COMPETING against each other for a high score. BTW … Anyone who can find a way to measure time with brand/immersion for these types of projects will be hailed as a god 😉

I would have liked to have seen some more viral enablement … being able to "send to a dad" etc (or perhaps this was there but escaped my school boy French vocabulary), but overall it is a neat execution. And, as Scamp points out, the Freudian undertones are delicious and slightly weird.

Oh, and I thought it would be of particular interest to John Johnston and any other Freaked Out Fathers. Now you know what to expect 😉

9 thoughts on “Fight for Kisses

  1. In a world of razor ads that make me generally scream and throw something at the television (very costly to my lifestyle as a result I might add), this is f’ing brilliant!!

  2. Brilliant idea indeed. The promiscuous idea is indeed very strong.
    I still have the impression that the experience proposed to the “active 2.0 consumers” is quite limited. Probably because I got a frustrating “PC only game” message and could actually play the game on my Mac. Or maybe because at the end of the visit I had the impression that the experience encountered was quickly “over”. Besides the game and its high scores, no real insight to come back or contribute to the site.
    But as you said, and I agree with you on that : the execution IS the strategy. A fantastic example of collaboration between ad agency, client, film production company, 3D specialists, website designers, game developers, etc.

  3. Coming clean on my birthday.

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  4. to luc comment above,
    I was also feeling the quick brand experience. There was no reason to come back. I think they should of launched as a neat little facebook app, which would of got legs and could of promoted competition amongst friends.
    I have got a feeling though that Facebook is not big in France?

  5. Luc … very true … while it is still quite limited in the scope of the engagement, it still does more than most campaigns. Perhaps they ran out of money and could not complete the “closed loop”.
    Julian … agree, a Facebook app would have been nice. Of course, you would need to be using an agency that understands social media — and there just are not that many around.

  6. Baby On The Offensive

    JWT France has people excited about Wilkinson shaving products. The reason is Fight for Kisses, a strangely Freudian video with a microsite and gaming element. [via Gavin Heaton and Craphammer]…

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