It’s All in the Mind

Inside my mind..
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Robyn McMaster has a very interesting blog. She focuses on the brain and explains how thinking and doing impacts your life — on a micro level. Robyn has a great way of being able to explain the science underlying a thought process or a bodily function, link it with emotion and tell the story in a fun and engaging way, which is great for me as I just don’t get the pop culture interest in all-things-science (sorry Dr Karl).

This post is a great example — where Robyn explains why it is important to look after yourself — by taking some "me time" … apparently it is all to do with relieving the impact of Cortisol (aka the stress-inducing chemical). But can you believe that just THINKING about having some "me" time has benefits — releasing seratonin and making you feel happy. Who says "daydreaming" is bad for you?

Oh, and while you are checking Robyn’s blog, check out this post on smell. The moral to this post is make sure that your marketing doesn’t stink by making sure it doesn’t stink.

3 thoughts on “It’s All in the Mind

  1. Hi Gavin, what exhileration to stop by and see myself through such a creative lens! I love the image since there’s so much more in the mind and brain to keep exploring! Possibilities are endless and that keeps me humming. Thanks for the great shout!
    I love your take, “make sure your marketing doesn’t stink by making sure it doesn’t stink.” Now tell me truthfully, Gavin, what’re my chances in your “So, You Think You Can Market?” competition with a title such as that?

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