3 thoughts on “Rage Against the Dying of the Light

  1. I like that. Particularly as I’ve always thought PP gets bad press.
    For me, it’s not ‘death by PowerPoint’ it’s death by lack of imagination.
    Blaming PowerPoint just becomes the excuse for poor thinking – if only we didn’t use PowerPoint, everything would be all right.
    No! If only we all had great ideas worth communicating everything would be alright!

  2. I’ve just read through about 15 of your posts – and am totally fascinated! I was in marketing back in the old dot com IPO days, and that has helped me tremendously build a food blog and pretty cool career in less than 9 months. People tend to think of “marketing strategy” and “branding” as something for big companies, but it applies to everyone.
    Love this slideshow. But I still hate Powerpoint presentaitons.

  3. Jon … agree — so much PowerPoint is lazy thinking. There is also disproportionate use of PowerPoint for documentation.
    Steamy … nice blog. Makes me hungry! Personal branding is a hot topic at the moment … makes for interesting times!

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