Age of Conversation Podcasts — The Promiscuous Idea

Some time ago I was interested in what I was calling the "compliant idea". These compliant ideas are easy to implement and tend to very quickly take on a life of their own … I am sure you have seen them from time to time.

But as I wrestled with the concept I found that a good, strong definition eluded me. And just when I thought that I had it nailed, it would shift. While I am not normally put off by such setbacks, I decided to leave it. To wait. You see, I wasn’t quite on-board with the compliant idea — it still seemed too immature in its form. Oh, and I didn’t like the name … it wasn’t sexy enough and it didn’t carry the weight and momentum that I hoped for.

So when I was beginning to think about my 400 word chapter for The Age of Conversation, the compliant idea began to raise its head again. This was great, because I was beginning to feel the pressure to deliver … there were some great chapters arriving in my inbox each day and the quality was excellent. So as I returned to the idea of the idea … I hit upon a new tack. Something that was more about the idea than about the person conceiving it … something a little more dangerous.

My chapter, The Promiscuous Idea was written in about 40 minutes. To find out more, you will need to buy the book … but you can catch some of my thinking in this very first Age of Conversation Podcast by David Brazeal. David will be featuring one or two authors each episode … so make sure to keep checking back.

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