Is This My Sphere of Influence?

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I found this neat tool on Darren Rowse’s Problogger site.

You can map keywords or you can simply enter a URL. To get this map (and to watch it grow in front of my eyes), I entered

Not only do you get a funky looking map that shows the sites linking to you (and the sites that link to them), you get a great long list with short descriptions. To do this, TouchGraph calls on the Google search database. BUT … this is not all TouchGraph does. It also works for Facebook — and links to your friends, shows their networks and their photos.


2 thoughts on “Is This My Sphere of Influence?

  1. Hey Gavin,
    So cool! But the algorithm’s it’s using are most interesting. It turns out I’m marrying Bridget…er…MARRIED bridget in 2004 and I make some of the best hand made wallcoverings ever at
    And I only put in Seems it determines who the owner of a blog is and then searches from there.
    Probably works better if you don’t have a common name like moi. 😉

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