Caught Out with Quechup

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This morning I have received a flurry of emails from friends inviting me to join a new service called Quechup. Normally I would jump straight in … but there was another follow-up email warning me to NOT sign up.

You see, this new "service" has been tapping into the Gmail accounts of new registrants and spamming their entire address book WITHOUT authorisation.

Don’t join!

Update: Matt Dickman has a word of advice for all who receive invitations to "new" sites. Many others apologise for the actions of the Quechup fiends.

One thought on “Caught Out with Quechup

  1. Gavin — So glad that it did not catch you too! These are some sneaky people doing this, but I fear it is something we could see happen more often. It all goes to the concept of trust and we’re way too trusting right now.

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