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A company blog is not like a "normal" corporate website. It is not a place for the standard collateral, links and information. It is not a repository for forms. It is a living, breathing method for capturing the ebb and flow of company-customer dialogue. It shows your company for the best (and worst) it can be …

And despite a pronounced and continuing growth in what is called the "blogosphere", the art of blogging is still a very inexact science. What makes a blog work? What creates more problems than it solves? And what is the difference between a personal and a professional blog?

Now, for all those corporate bloggers out there, there is help at hand. Mack Collier has announced that he is now available for blog consulting services. This is a great opportunity to get frank, insightful and practical information on how to improve your blog from one of the social marketing masters. Mack’s new services can be done remotely or in person. It is up to you.
Absolutely invaluable 😉

2 thoughts on “Company Blog Healthcheck

  1. Gavin,
    I know Mack would be a great assistance to any company. But just a note to businesses; there are quite a few of us who offer these services. Glad to see you back, Gavin. Hope your move went smoothly.

  2. Gavin (and Mack):
    In a hurry as usual, I want to ensure your readers don’t misinterpret my previous comment. No one will do a better job helping a business launch their blog. But since yours reader are international, I was trying to make the point that if a local consultant is needed, there are quite a few who fall under the marketing banner who may be able to help. I, for one, would be honored to recommend Mack. But sometimes geography and other wants, needs and desires call for options. Just wanted to assure your readers they exist.

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