Packed and Ready

Packed and ready
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It has been a big week of chaos here (what’s new?).

But the most chaos has been generated by cleaning up. How? Well, I am moving house and it is taking ages to pack boxes, sort through old, outdated and unwanted items and to sell a heap of stuff on eBay!

Of course, moving house also means moving phone lines. And technology being what it is … means that I will be offline for about 8 days while the phones are connected. This also means no access to email — except for a desperate dash to the local Internet cafe.

Hmmm … could be a whole new world by the time I get back online.

11 thoughts on “Packed and Ready

  1. Let me know if I can help in any way. I’ll just drive by and stop in. Moving is a complicated and liberating thing for me. I used to move around a lot growing up — my dad’s work and then my own later. I’ve been at my current address too long and although I clean up areas and files every week, I’m sure I’ve accumulated a ton. Boy, I’m in a chatty mood today.
    Happy move!

  2. I’m so impressed that in the midst of a move you found time to write a note on my BirdsEyeView blog. No wonder you’ve been able to pull off this amazing Age of COnversation phenom. Happy move!

  3. you know, they invented these things called ‘blackberries’–– so the tragedy of going ‘off-line’ due to a move is no longer the norm (it’s your choice).
    You can take your phone with you to your new locale…and check email, too, in the meantime. Wow, technology is amazing, ain’t it?

  4. I love moving. I especially LOVE throwing things away.
    As Mark Twain put it: “The most over-valued pleasure in life is sexual intercourse, and the least appreciated one is defecation.” There’s something about letting things go!

  5. 8 days…..the world won’t change that quick. It seems lately that I can’t even get a blog posting up in 8 days. LIfe gets VERY chaotic sometimes.

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