Crash Course in Internet Marketing

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Mark Blair set himself an interesting challenge … could he dose himself up on caffeine and spend 24 hours straight marketing The Age of Converation?

The results are fascinating. Not only does Mark achieve this outcome, along the way he teaches us all about some of the cool, useful and downright unsual Internet marketing tools available. Included in this list are:

There are many other tactics that Mark uses and explains across the entire day. Make sure that you check out some of these tips.

Oh, and don’t forget to order your copy today!

4 thoughts on “Crash Course in Internet Marketing

  1. Hopefully he did more than just set up a few remote pages on the internet in 24 hours. I don’t see how that could taken an entire day..
    But good luck to him, anyway.

  2. Heather — thanks for the well wishes, and I actually didn’t quite make the full 24 hours and clocked in at about 20 before the screen a bit too blurry to be productive.
    I wouldn’t really characterize my objective as putting a few more pages up on the Internet — my goal was essentially twofold:
    – Make a continuous effort to promote the book and the underlying charitable cause.
    – Introduce people that may be new to some of this to the many opportunities for exposure that exist online.
    I think almost everything I covered was actually fairly easy to accomplish and all certainly would have taken less time if I wasn’t blogging about it (and if my net connection at the cafe where I was working would have been a little less flaky!).
    In my experience though, easy things that most anybody can do are often overlooked due to lack of familiarity. I’m hoping that my post helps in its own small way to get people to think about what they can do to further the promotion of the book using the many avenues that are out there (and growing in number daily).

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