The Conversation Just Got Personal

Lori Magno + Ryan Barrett
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I love that we are already seeing some Age of Conversation authors appearing on Flickr with copies of the book. Here we have Lori Magno and Ryan Barrett proudly displaying their copies.

Meanwhile, Paul McEnany is offering up a free hardcover copy for ONE lucky reader who reports back to him on their favourite Age of Conversation chapter. Not to be outdone, Sean Howard has upped the ante, and is offering FIVE copies of this ground-breaking book for the five WORST comments he receives. Now THAT is transparent converation!

Nothing like a bit of friendly competition …

6 thoughts on “The Conversation Just Got Personal

  1. haha – we ordered the jumbo edition. It’s only available through our special network of friends… but I’m sure I can think of some sort of giveaway for one or two 😉

  2. Guys – it’s the large print edition for me! Ryan and I will present a talk and book signing at our office very soon. If you are in Boston the week of July 30th, swing by – we’ll autograph a large print edition for you!
    Gavin: I’m hoping that there’s lots of demand for the book (and me & Ryan!) ~LOL

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