It’s A Long Way Down the Z-list

Eastbourne 2005 – Cliff Edge
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Over the last few weeks I and my fellow Z-listers have watched as our Technorati rankings start to drop. First it was a few places here and there, but then, slowly but surely, there were larger drops … 50, 100 … more.

It was great while it lasted, and it really did provide a lot of blogs with some great exposure. But as with all things web 2.0 … the network waits for no-one. Now we look to see which ripple comes next — wondering whether we can surf it like a wave — or wondering even whether there is a desire to do so. Makes you think about what is important … fleeting fame and rankings? Community? A few extra emails? Or the chance to meet up with some of the people behind the words?

5 thoughts on “It’s A Long Way Down the Z-list

  1. I’ve seen the same thing, but knew it had to come at some point. Artificial pumping of the numbers couldn’t last forever. But man, it was fun while it lasted.

  2. Has been very interesting and challenging riding that wave.
    Interesting in that most of us never asked to be on it. Nor went out of our way to participate. Just returned the favor and passed the list on.
    Challenging to remember that it is nothing but a rating. And certainly not a true statement of the value of a blog, but rather it’s popularity by number of links alone.
    Such a poetic post, as always, Gavin. I stand on the deck, tall and proud as my vessel of crap heads down into the valley of the waves. 😉

  3. Thanks for saying something Gavin… it was a cheap thrill to be in the top 8K for a moment – what goes up must come down 🙂 What I think about is all the great z-listers I’m growing to know – each an inspiration in their own way. Hell, I’ve even connected with an a-lister or 2 :). Time to get back to making more ripples –

  4. Gavin, I found the Z-list and several of the currnt memes a great way to meet new people that others valued. In my mind it’s a way of networking to meet others in this broad blogosphere.
    I find that community and conversations are most important to me.

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