The Permanent Revolution

This is a presentation that Philippe Deltenre delivered in Belgium earlier this week. He uses some nice philosophic references to describe and contain the complex ways of being that epitomise our contemporary existence. These are applied to new strategic directions that Microsoft’s marketing efforts could take in the years ahead. Just the fact that this discussion is occurring within an organisation such as Microsoft is heartening.

And judging by the feedback, the presentation was a great hit with the audience!

4 thoughts on “The Permanent Revolution

  1. Gavin,
    I was there to witness Philippe’s great presentation at the Circle of Media an event opened to both bloggers and professionals. His philosophic analogies were smart, extremely insightful and definitely made me think.
    Also, I met very nice and engaging people from Microsoft Belgium and EMEA. They are open minded and fighting with heart to get rid of stereotyped image people (still) have in their minds. This kind of event is the perfect and positive move to change that. It is sometimes good to press the “reset” button and give a chance to whoever brings good intentions to the “surface” (Woops! Not talking about the product, of course).

  2. Hi Gavin,
    Thank you very much for this post.
    The interesting thing about Deleuze and Gu├ęttari is that they invented the concept of Rhizome to illustrate the way that ideas and thoughts should ideally circulate and the analogy with what we now call web 2.0 or social media is pretty amazing.
    (thanks, mindblob :))

  3. Gavin –
    Thanks for finding and posting this… The stats on twitter & delicious are especially interesting. I feel like sometimes we all (bloggers, marketing folks) get caught up in the power of the tools we use most often and lose sight of what the public is actually using.
    And the “virtual mates” bit is great. I love finding things that articulately explain things I think.
    Good stuff.
    – Clay

  4. Thanks Clay,
    The twitter and delicious tags are the officila comscore worldwide stats but I don’t mean to say that tools like twitter and delicious aren’t important despite the low figures. They might be the start of something bigger.

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