Free Smells

Free Smells
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In case you were sniffing around yesterday’s post, you would have noticed I used a great Flickr photo with the sign “Free Smells” clearly visible.

Kevin Dugan sent me a link to the same sign but from a different angle. I love it! Just goes to show what a little perspective can do.

I am sure you know what I mean 😉

One thought on “Free Smells

  1. Comparing the two photos, it doesn’t look like the same sign in the same place to me. In the most recently posted version there is a sign below Free Smells and nothing to the viewer’s left (and the sign looks closer to blocks). In the original, there is no visible sign below Free Smells, and additional signage to the viewer’s left.
    If it is the same sign in the same place, it looks like the sign originally hung in a different place in the window.

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