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When I was in China last year I was introduced to the world of CosPlay. It is an entire subculture that began in Japan, built around the heroes and characters from video games. Not only do CosPlayers dress up like their favourite characters, they also re-enact scenes from games or create their own storylines based on the characters.

It is fascinating … here was an amazing subculture, thriving, and it had never even crossed my radar! It goes to show that no matter how "engaged" with the world you think you are, there are always more variations, more alternatives and new adventures in life to discover. But while this appeared to me to be something of a fantasy, for many of the CosPlayers it was much more … it was a way of life. Sounds like there are some intersections with blogging.

My friend, Sharon Sarmiento has entered Darren Rowse’s group writing project that requires you to write a top 5. And with her usual passion and precision, Sharon writes up her Top 5 Blog Fantasies. And while I don’t know if she did this while wearing her favourite CosPlay outfit, I know I always get MY inspiration while doing so!

3 thoughts on “Blog Fantasy

  1. Hey Gavin,
    Yes, fantasy plays such a big role in the lives of folks who are trying to reach far off goals, so it seems like fantasy goes hand in hand with blogging.
    How else would we be able to continue, day after day, year after year, oftentimes when it seems like no one is even reading? It’s a bit like singing in the shower, where you let loose and pretend that you’re an opera singer or a rock star.:-)

  2. I keep a red bath towel in my vehicle on the off chance I come across a situation where a superhero is needed. I haven’t yet, but I have that ‘red cape’…
    Which allows for practical thinking about ways I could help people, and fantastical ways in which while wearing my red cape I can help BIG! Great post on fantasy.
    Oh, and thanks Gavin for the tip on the problogger Top 5 contest. I need a new bike and $1k US would get me there plus!

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