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Grid lock
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I remember feeling a little bit freaked AND excited when I got the opportunity to design a book. I had always complained about the designs that I had seen, but had never actually been responsible for creating a design from scratch … so I had to learn a lot very quickly. Luckily the editor that I replaced had left some great textbooks … and these introduced me to the ubiquitous grid.

Although it is much maligned, the grid is an invaluable tool for designers … and even more useful for NON-designers. It can provide non-designers with good insight into the methods and techniques that designers can employ to create spatial relationships between visual objects. And this great PDF by Mark Boulton and Khoi Vin brings my love of the grid right back into focus.

Tip of the hat to Lawrence Ardelean over at Three Minds @ Organic.

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  1. I did my first pen/ink drawing using a grid. Learning what space is confined with lines, using ‘negative’ shapes and viewing section by section via grid was a priceless lesson and saved me millions of dollars in eraser. Funny how something as specific, boxed, and ‘grid-like’ can actually be freeing and allow for increased innovation!

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