Which list are you on?

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Lists are funny things … there have been books about them, about our desire to create, control and manage our worlds — and there are entire blogs devoted to lists. In fact, some of the very first blogs were simply that — lists of links.

In many ways, Google and Technorati are list builders, providing us with a surrogate for creating lists. Del.icio.us is another as is MyBlogLog … and there are many others. And on a smaller level, our own blogrolls are a type of recommendation list.

Within the global marketing community we have Mack’s excellent Top 25 and Todd And’s Power 150, and not to forget, Joseph Jaffe’s fun Most Valuable Blog (and big congrats to BMA).

There are bound to be many other lists that are beyond my ripples of reading covering other category areas. But this morning I got an email for a list that is a little closer to home. Craig Harper has compiled a list of 100 Australian blogs and promises to update it each weekend. I hope it is automated … but it certainly provides me with more blogs to check out — I just don’t have to travel quite so far 😉

One thought on “Which list are you on?

  1. Due to space constrains, lists become vertical quickly. I do wonder what would happen if we thought of them as horizontal. Next to each other, to build upon each other, to exchange and swap, to expand instead of drilling down.

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