Blog Roll Spring Clean

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I know it’s a mess. I know I should fix it, give it some sort of order, but you know, I sort of have an understanding of where everyone’s site is on the list.

But, there comes a time in every blog’s life when some housekeeping needs to be done. It may start with a new design, a new widget or two and progress from there. In many ways a blog roll says more about the blog owner than the blogs that one links to …

So I am going to embark on a bit of a blog roll spring clean. Now is your chance … if you would like me to change the name of your blog or the URL or even add a new one in … leave a comment and I will do my best!

By the end of it, this blog roll will not only be tasty but also very pretty. Well at least there will be SOME order to the chaos.

2 thoughts on “Blog Roll Spring Clean

  1. Hey Gavin —
    As long as you’re asking, my blog is really called David Reich’s My 2 cents, or simply My 2 cents. Thanks and regards.

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