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As you know, I recently discovered Maryam’s delightful blog on the joys and challenges of living in a foreign country. If you have not yet taken a look through Maryam’s site you are in for a TREAT … it is filled with poetic descriptions of places, sites and scenes and, in case you can’t believe her words, she also includes pictures!

Maryam is able to capture a balance between the writing and imagery that enhances both … and she writes with a unique voice and a true love for her new home in Marrakesh. But, don’t take MY word for it, read this post or any others in her well-stocked archive.

Now, Maryam has been nominated for the 2007 Annual Weblog Awards … so if you have seen and loved her blog, be sure to vote for her! Remember, you only have until 02FEB07!

4 thoughts on “Vote for Maryam

  1. Actually, Maryam found me! And it was a delight to find such a great blog at the end of the link.
    It is the mark of a quality blog … that when you find it, you want to dig around for a while. And Maryam’s has plenty of gold to be discovered!

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