5 thoughts on “Sydney Coffee Morning

  1. Condolences. 😉
    Early sucks. But a NICE cup of coffee.
    Hey. If you don’t like your photo everywhere, put this coffee up instead! Who would object to an amazing cup of coffee like that?

  2. I’ll make it along if I’m not out on Thursday night taking photos.
    It’d be good to meet some new people in different industries.
    Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Just checking up on it for tomorrow – yikes, 8am! I’m not sure I can do that given crashing at people’s places on the other side of town without wheels and having appointments out in bondi junction for my UK visa etc quite early. I will see how I go. When I do move back to Australia I’ll appreciate this time but it might not work for me tomorrow, apologies. But not ruling it out completely yet…

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