Late Night No Writing

Bush fire in Mt Kuring-gai
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Got caught in a massive traffic jam coming back into Sydney last night. The delays were caused by a bushfire burning on Sydney’s northern fringe … the fire had leapt across the freeway and had made it too dangerous to drive.

For those of you who don’t know Sydney, many people head north each weekend, driving about an hour or so to visit the beaches of the “Central Coast”. Unfortunately, all those who went away this weekend were caught by the bushfires on their return. Our delay meant that we took over four hours for a one and a half hour trip — and we left late to try and avoid the traffic! That meant there was no writing last night, and not much tonight … but I can sleep well knowing that the fires are well away from my home. Not everyone has the same luxury.

4 thoughts on “Late Night No Writing

  1. Nature is one of the (many) things we don’t control. You know, when “nothing happens” some people are bored. The simple thought that just “being well is a luxury” should put boredom moments to shame. Life is filled with luck and it’s something good to remember.

  2. Fires leaping across a highway — yikes.
    That happens here in California during their brushfire season. Luckily, I’ve never experienced it personally, but people lose their homes every year from these fires.
    Glad your traffic jam ended safe and sound.

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