3 thoughts on “Citizen Marketers

  1. This is the nicest gift. I’ll always have it and you know I love it becuz it says quicksmart. You rock for being such a good friend (and teach) of mine.
    OK, must go copy my gift now so I can always have it. Btw, Miss Laura Ries just voiced-in to our research discussion over at the BC. So now more authors are coming over (because you told them to do so quicksmart). See, lots of people listen to you ;-).

  2. Ha … as if I have any influence with Laura Ries. That’s funny! But it IS great to see more and more people of all levels of experience beginning to join in to the Book Club discussions! There is some great points coming up that we can all learn from … especially that Valeria Maltoni — she is another smart gal that is making waves!
    And Sharon, I am sure you have more than 2 cents to share … I will look out for your comments!

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