Mobile Phones are the new Amex

Some years ago American Express had a highly successful strap line — "don’t leave home without it". I can still remember the guy from "Streets of San Francisco" saying these words.

It is interesting now, however, how that this call to action has now become intimately associated with mobile phones. We REALLY don’t leave home without them. I don’t know about you, but I feel slightly naked without mine (no matter how much I profess to loathe it). And while I am not one to go home to retrieve a forgotten phone — there are many others who DO.

Of course, the consumer reliance and ACCEPTANCE of this reliance has resulted in a massive boom for companies such as Nokia. This has flow-on effects for telcos all around the world … with a corresponding increase in the demand for connectivity and fat bandwidth.

With such a positive focus on the mobile device as the "third screen", is there any doubt that conferences such as MPlanet 2006 attracts a great line up of speakers and fantastic online coverage. All of these sites provide excellent analysis and perspective on the conference, especially the amazing Josh Hallett. Don’t think mobile without reading!


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