Fleck is out there

Fleck is out there
Originally uploaded by Patrick de Laive.

This evening I got an invitation to play with Fleck. Unfortunately, at the moment it only works with Firefox … but if you DO have Firefox (or want to install it), check out this link.

Following on from yesterday’s post on giving creative feedback creatively, there is a great cartoon on Jon Howard’s livingbrands blog — on how NOT to give creative feedback.

For those who don’t have Firefox, Fleck allows you to leave small notes, bullets and so on on another website. You can also send a link, complete with those comments and notes on the site.

Actually, it strikes me as a GREAT way of providing creative feedback on websites … in a very creative way. Hmmm … wonder if it works with Flash? Might just have to test it out. I am off to leave little comments all over the web … look out, the servant of chaos will be coming to a blog near you (probably your own)!.


One thought on “Fleck is out there

  1. I used to Flock, now I Fleck

    I used to be Flock user until Firefox2 got out. Why I changed: because I liked the new features FF2 had to offer over what Flock had at the moment. If/When Flock updates to Firefox2, I most likely go back to Flock.
    Everyone seems to be going crazy abou…

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