Wishing for more time each day

There seems to be so much going on at the moment, it is hard to keep up … and it means that I am going ever deeper into blog debt. But there are a few items that I want to return to (and my regular readers will know this) … so I file them here under "blog debt". So, upcoming posts will look at:

  • Ariel’s move to a new server (shakewellbeforeuse.com) — ok this may have happened some time ago judging by the posts — but check out her latest updates on Ad:Tech NY. There is some great insight as well as analysis on some of the edgier campaigns doing the rounds
  • The growing strength of brand storytelling — using creative copy and engaging storytelling methods to enthrall us blog readers, consumers and marketing types all round. Extra special work coming from Mr Hee-Haw, Paul McEnany.
  • Russell’s take on interestingness

Anything that you have seen that I should?


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