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The last weekend was a busy one for Mr Community, Mack Collier. He set himself a tall order … leave 100 comments on 100 blogs.

And the results are now in. First off their marks are links to Katie (Shouty Girl) and Emily — both are bound to be at Coffee Morning, Sydney (so don’t forget to drop by and meet them face-to-face). Mack also generously links across to our embryonic efforts at

There are many more good links now to be found in Mack’s post … so take a look — there are plenty of great new blogs to dig around in. Most importantly, it is a great way of reaching out into the blogosphere and finding new inspiration. That is what I call loving the hypertext!


4 thoughts on “Collier Comment Tour

  1. I also try to get out there and comment as much as possible but because I want to contribute. What I do find is that a lot of the time I don’t want to comment for the sake of commenting…know what I mean?
    I want what I have to say to be relevant and meaningful and that is what I find hard and the main reason I don’t comment as much as I would like to.
    That or I’m not finding the right blogs 😉

  2. Thanks for the mention Gavin. Renwick I was really worried about the ‘commenting for the sake of commenting’, and I didn’t want to do that. What I instead found that there were plenty of posts on blogs that I read regularly, that I commented on, thinking ‘why haven’t I already commented on this?’. Instead of having to ‘force’ myself to leave a comment, I found plenty of interesting posts to comments on. I guess it’s the difference between quickly glancing posts, and actually taking the time to read them, at least for me.

  3. Renwick … I don’t comment unless I find that a post engages me in conversation. But sometimes, if I like the general feel of the blog, I will send an email to the author to say how much I like their work.
    One of the most exciting things to do I find … is randomly exploring the blogosphere. I have a category called Loving the Hypertext that details some of these experiments/journeys. Just like we encourage brands to embrace the “loss of control” that comes with social media, it is also important to allow ourselves to PLAY with the idea of content, comment and engagement. It may take a 100 links, but you are bound to find some that you like 😉
    Mack … I think yours was a great experiment — and obviously yielded some great finds.
    Roger … thanks for the compliment! That is one of my favourite posts too 😉

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