Old Hat

old hat on magenta
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John Moore over at Brand Autopsy has a great post that includes a powerpoint presentation. There are 60 slides, but you can flick through pretty quickly … but I got to about slide 22 and stopped.

Slide 22 has a quote by Guy Kawasaki:

It is better to hire people who can get you where you want to be than people who profess to have been there before.

There seems to be a smattering of posts on similar topics … each talking about resumes, blogs and power of authenticity. It is funny, when you are looking at other people’s CVs you are looking at a snapshot. And whenever I am reading one, I am always looking for something that stands out, something that tells me that I could work with this person — sometimes it could be job choice, sometimes unusual hobbies.

The thing is, CVs are horribly imprecise … and interviews are not much better. BUT face-to-face I can tell in seconds whether I can work with someone. This was a great skill when I was directing plays and faced massive casting calls. I have never really been able to quantify it … but I do rely on it — even if it is a bit spooky. Happy Halloween!


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