What a great week … It’s only half over?

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My blog debt is kicking into overdrive this week. I can’t believe it is only wednesday and already I am way behind on the topics I would like to think/write about. It is just as well that Russell is away this week.

  • Tara has a great post on hiring clients. We often think that we have to take on everyone who walks through our doors, but it IS important to be selective. (Of course, if you can’t be selective, be profitable.) Tara has done the hard work of learning some of these lessons … just so we don’t need to!
  • While I did have a quick think about this … I expect it is the sort of post that I will need to go back and revisit. Take a look at Dave Rogers’ interesting post on marketing, Second Life and the new crayon.
  • Richard Huntinton has an interesting take on what it can be like to boldly go where no agency has gone before — social responsibility ahead of its time. Remember, just because you are, doesn’t mean the industry or the public are.
  • Paul McEnany has been writing beautiful, thoughful and thought provoking posts for a while. This is one of many that I would like to muse on.
  • And Seth Godin ranks here too with this post. One percent effectiveness? Wow … and they say that return on web initiatives is low!

Have I missed anything? Got something you’d like to share?

Oh yeah … one post that I would like to do on anticipation. Roger over at Creative Think blog is sending me one of his cool Ball of Whacks. Waiting for it … talking about it with friends and colleagues etc is an interesting phenomenon.


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