Cold, Getting Warmer, Getting Warmer … Hot!

No this is not a post about global warming (actually the Austalian Government continues to place global warming next to Santa Claus in the credibility stakes). It is actually about a really neat proximity oriented outdoor marketing campaign. It plays on the concept of curiosity which is something I have been thinking about for the past week or so (courtesy of Stan).


Stop looking at the girl. Look at the arrow. That’s right … 300m to the right. Keep walking. You are getting warmer. OK … I admit it … it’s not really about curiosity.


But now you can see you are only 100m away. Actually, you are 100m and a click away … if you want to see where this leads you, you need to click here.

So, actually, it is about curiosity. Thanks to Ariel for the link.


One thought on “Cold, Getting Warmer, Getting Warmer … Hot!

  1. I love those ads…for obvious reasons.
    And, we can hang our heads together for our nations turning a blind eye to global warming. It’s a little baffling, to say the least.

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