Oops … I Forgot It’s Not About Me!

Don’t Forget Me …
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You may already know that there have been some sensational discussions happening over at MarketingProfs this week. It has been a hotbed of discussion.

I have been battling a little with jetlag so have not really commented as much as I had wanted, but there has been plenty to think about with great posts by Ann, CK (congratulations CK on a great first post) and the prolific Lewis Green.

Mack looks towards the challenging future of digital music here. There is plenty to chew on … and many of the points raised can be equally applied to other industries.

If you have not contributed to these discussions as yet, then head on over and do so … the community is stronger when there are more voices and views contributing. It truly is a case of more is MORE.


3 thoughts on “Oops … I Forgot It’s Not About Me!

  1. Even with jetlag (you better NOT tell me you were in NYC!), you are so supportive. Thanks for promoting the good stuff happening at Daily Fix/MarketingProfs.
    And yes…the community is stronger when there are more voices and viewpoints. Well said!

  2. Ha ha CK … no it was a whirlwind trip to Chicago. A day’s flying, a couple of days of meetings and then more flying.
    I keep threatening to visit David Armano … just need to make sure I have some time in-between meetings. Now, I just need to find a client in NY. With any luck it will coincide with a Buffy Singalong!

  3. the next musical is on Nov. 10th & 11th. Buffy or not, if you’re ever in the BIG apple, I’ll be your tour guide.

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