Freaked Out!

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Got a very nice email from the charming Michael Wagner this morning. Those of you who are regular visitors to his site will be well aware that there have been very few posts over the last month or so.
The good news is that he is back, bringing his unique story-focused branding insight to the masses.

He starts with a conundrum … a story about a cow, a tiger and a sack of feed and the need to cross a river. If you have ever worked with clients, then the challenge is familiar … how do you remain focused on the outcomes you want to achieve while managing the risks and "animal instincts" of stakeholders, employees and even customers? The solution to the problem is not straight-forward … and I encourage you to read the full story.

Mike is always upbeat, and I love the way he signs off his emails … "keep creating". This morning’s email added something special … "keep creating … it freaks people out". I really like this. And it is true. Reminds me of a revelation that I had when I wanted to become a playwright — the only difference between me and a playwright is that a playwright writes. As always, it comes down to execution . Here’s to all the freaks who are out there DOING the hard work of creativity.


3 thoughts on “Freaked Out!

  1. I love the way Mike signs his emails, too. It’s a tiny little reminder for me to pay attention to the small things that make a big difference, yet most people toss off without consideration.

  2. It is the little things that count. They are things that make us smile, make us remember what it is to delight in life. Actually Ann … gives me a whole new idea for a post (damn there goes sleeping)!

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