Are You a Weirdo?

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I was reading this post over at CK’s blog and was struck by the way communities organise themselves organically.

CK was talking about the community that has grown around Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. Several years down the track there are pay-per-view screenings, conferences and even musical re-enactments. (And apparently the sing-a-long that CK attended was fantastic — is there any YouTube footage?)

In the comments, Ann Handley picked up on something I had said "One person’s passionate community is another’s collection of weirdos" and suggested (tongue-in-cheek) whether it could be the title of a blog post. Rather than laugh it off, I thought I would do just that … it should be up over at The Daily Fix in the next couple of days.

But it really does make you think about your own passions and interests. What would life be without a little weirdness? Relentlessly beige, I suspect. Bring back Buffy!

Update: The article is up … read it here.


2 thoughts on “Are You a Weirdo?

  1. Bring back Buffy is right! I miss my girl…and her whole gang.
    Hey, I was standing about 10 feet from her last month (my cousin works on a movie set where Freddie Prinze Jr., SMG’s husband, was the star). She looked so different. She’s tiny, wears sundresses (no red pants like in “Graduation”) and wears flat shoes. And has really dark brown hair.
    My cousin said she’d arrange an introduction but, it just wasn’t “Buffy” and I didn’t want to bug her. Guess I didn’t want the illusion of Buffy to be just a normal girl.
    But if it were Spike…I’d want to meet him :-).
    Thanks for enjoying my post so much. The Sci-Fi fans really have so much to teach us…and are terrific marketers. The companies that marginalize them are just ignorant.
    Come to Comi-Con in NYC in February!

  2. CK … all the girls want to meet Spike!
    It’s nice that you didn’t want to break the illusion with SMG. Goes to show how important it is for us all to keep faith with the stories we love.
    I used to love, love, love REM until I saw them perform very badly live in Sydney a few years ago. That broke the illusion for me, and I haven’t bought another album/CD/download since.

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