Do You Own Your Domain?

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We have all heard of stories where domain names have been "stolen". Sometimes it is opportunistic, sometimes it could have been avoided, and sometimes it requires legal action to sort out.

The importance of owning your own domain is becoming more important for all businesses. And if you are just starting a new business, then you run into the challenge of finding a domain name that has yet to be claimed. So, apart from all the usual challenges of FINDING a unique name for your business, trademark and business name registration requirements and so on, you also need to carefully think about your future Internet domain name.

Once you have your domain name, you also need to remember to re-register it. The last thing you want is for your domain name to lapse and come up for sale. And while this would be terrible, it would not be as bad as the situation described in this image:

1. this house is private property, its ownership has been stolen and illegally registered under another name on the internet. It is currently under investigation. do not enter, or face prosecution.