Girlfriend Isn’t Dead (5 Step Crisis Management)

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OK, seems like I am on a blog roll (oh no does that constitute a blogging pun?) … actually I have had these stored up for a few days and am just getting around to relieving my blog debt.

I was reading this great post mostly for the catchy title "Sometimes Your Girlfriend Isn’t Really Dead", and stumbled across a great description of how to manage a crisis. (Chartreuse always manages to entertain AND stretch the brain, and this post is no different — don’t forget to read the whole post.)

The five step crisis management guide advises:

  1. Don’t Panic
  2. Quickly access the situation and act. Even if wrong you should do something.
  3. Ignore your minions mistakes. In stressful situations they are bound to fuck up. No big deal. Stay focused on the main task.
  4. Don’t expect gratitude. Sometimes people and companies don’t even realize how close they came to death.
  5. When the major part of the crisis is over give control back to your underlings.

Also, while reading through the comments to the article, I loved this comment from Brian Clark:

I just like the dead girlfriend story. That’s why I hang around here despite not owning or being involved in a blog network.

Good stories are the key to everything.

Couldn’t agree more Brian!


One thought on “Girlfriend Isn’t Dead (5 Step Crisis Management)

  1. Love the story! As a business you can’t just close the bedroom door on dangers and hope for the best- letting strangers crash at your house is bound to cause trouble.
    The first step of any crisis management guide should be to map risk. Planning not to fail is all about having a think of what can go wrong and preventing it.

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