Attention Dogs

Originally uploaded by Vincent in London.

We all know about the dog whistles that resonate at a frequency so high that it is beyond human hearing,  but I never knew dogs could read. In English.

I guess this is what it means to really know your audience (see I am resisting the urge to pun).

But to all those dog readers out there (yes, I mean dog, not blog), I would like to remind them of the following:

woar, woar, woar, woar … grrrr, grrr, woof.

Loosely translated … I have had a couple of articles published on the excellent MarketingProfs site run by the charming Ann Handley. One is entirely original and the other is a better version of this. Hope you enjoy them … and while you are there, check out this article which is so cool it features The Fonz.

One thought on “Attention Dogs

  1. Gavin — You know I’m a dog lover, right? Reminds me a sign I have in my house (hung at doggie eye-level): “Dinner Is Served At: (poseable clock hands indicate hour)” Seems to do the trick. No more needless begging.
    Regardless, don’t you love it when municipalities show a sense of humor?

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