Steve Irwin – The End of the Story

41-Steve Irwin
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In very sad news, I have just read that Steve Irwin has died while working on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Steve Irwin was larger than life and made no apologies for it. You may not have liked his style, but you could never doubt his passion, enthusiasm … or authenticity.

And he will be remembered for the joy and wonder that he brought to many of us.

2 thoughts on “Steve Irwin – The End of the Story

  1. Absolutely. Not many people can claim to have that much passion for such a good cause even if it seemed random to some and was delivered in a polarising form…
    Sad news indeed.

  2. Sad news and a real loss.
    Passion is attractive and sometimes polarizing. I’d rather work with the passionate and deal with some of the polarizing effects than try and “raise the dead” every day at work.
    Irwin’s authentic joy and engagement with life will remain as a positive example as we mourn his loss.

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