Ford Bold Moves

Fordboldmoves How hard is it to turn a company around? How difficult is it to re-set your strategy, make the hard decisions and then rally your team? How difficult is it to take advice from your customers about your products, services … and even your staff? The folks over at Three Minds point towards Ford’s Bold Moves website which aims to document just such a turnaround.

The company (or their agency) has done a pretty good job of setting up a lot of interactive elements … but there is still the feint stench of control lurking in the background. I would have liked to have seen more "open" blog elements such as trackbacks and anonymous commenting. C’mon Ford, you can always use an approval cycle if you are worried about the comments. Also, it would be nice to be able to link through to those avid Ford fans … just to see if they’re real.

You see, telling an authentic story isn’t just about YOU … it is about your customers too.

2 thoughts on “Ford Bold Moves

  1. Those videos are scary. I was wating for somebody to say “when we roll, we roll big”.
    Can’t wait to see what happens on youtube with this.
    I don’t think the stench of control is feint at all but completly in your face. I think this is another example of a good idea where fear has made it flakey.

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