Where’s Adam?

Blogging is a fickle business … When I first started writing the Servant of Chaos blog I had no idea what blogging was. It was really just a way of forcing myself into some form of disciplined thinking. The emphasis for me was on the discipline … and I hoped that the writing and the ideas would flow from there.

Along the way I started to find that a rant would disrupt the writing … finding myself engaged in a torrent of indignant words directed at some brand or other. And eventually the content of the site started to steer itself. So the ideas did come and the discipline gave me a focus and a direction for the site. But not all bloggers continue after a few posts.

While Dave Sifry reports on another spectacular rise in the number of new blogs, it is equally apparent that a large number of blogs disappear without a trace. They are like the small businesses of the Internet world … they start with a passion and a flurry of interest and dedication … and then often fold under the weight of the chaos of life.

I was loving the discussion that grew around this topic a few days ago and wanted to see where Adam was up to. To my disappointment I found this message.Adam_1

It is a shame, because I loved the style and energy of his writing. I particularly liked the anarchic approach to ideas and the way he let the rant overtake all else. Let’s hope he makes a reappearance sometime soon … perhaps with that "book project" he was thinking of dusting off.


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