No Job Description, Bad Boss Please!

OK … so you know I don’t want a job description. It would feel like I am wearing the WRONG kind of suit … but on the other side of the coin … do we need bosses? Seth Godin gives us a list of things that GOOD bosses do … and I am sure that someone, much more witty than I will come back with a list for BAD bosses.

But sometimes, it is the BAD bosses that actually make you achieve more. Yes, good bosses are … well, good. But the bad ones can inspire you to get out and make something of your life (perhaps out of fear that you will become like them). They can make you clearly see what YOUR skills are and also to help you plan your career by what you are willing to take on (responsibility, stress, politics) and what you are not (responsibility, stress, politics).

In reverence to all my bad bosses I used to love watching The Office … but then, I found Absolute Power’s Charles Prentiss. Bad bosses can make you cringe (in real life), but the truly evil bosses … well they are in a class of their own. They are so wrong they are right.

And if you want to see some fun image sets of lego bosses, try this.