Where do you belong?

The question of "what is cool" has kept me thinking now for a couple of days … and interestingly has begun popping up everywhere I look.

I was checking out John Moore’s Brand Autopsy blog and saw some links through to Brains on Fire, so I thought I would mosey over and take a look. And sure enough, here it was again — this time in the guise of "campaigns vs movements", referring to the difference between traditional advertising and word of mouth.

From my point of view, I was seeing that campaigns are cool, but movements are authentic. The campaign is aimed at someone (at me, or you) and it gives us something to talk about with friends, colleagues or other bloggers. But a movement is something that I am part of (or not) — it requires a choice, an engagement, a position. A movement asks us to think about where we belong. It requires us to make an authentic decision.

Do you know where you belong?


2 thoughts on “Where do you belong?

  1. Have a safe trip. Looking forward to reading your postings about this trip.
    You campaigns vs. movements musings are really good.
    I left a comment with example from American church history at Brains On Fire.
    Keep creating, Mike

  2. Choice is always a difficult thing. In such situations we have to make a decisison: to stay or to leave forever…
    As you say, movements cause life and before we live to the full, we have to decide where to belong.
    I have decided already and I feel more confident since that time )

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