The Danger of Upgrading

I am in the middle of upgrading my computer, moving from one notebook computer to another. Now, I am a fairly technical type, but even after many such upgrades I know one thing for sure … as soon as I hand over my old computer I will have lost something that I need.

It wont be my bookmark list of websites, it won’t be My Documents, and it won’t even be my WIP files or dowloads from ChangeThis. But it will be something important that is easy to overlook. I just hope that I don’t wake in the middle of the night remembering WHERE that file is!

Know what I am talking about? I am sure you do!


One thought on “The Danger of Upgrading

  1. Boy do I!
    One needs to set aside a day or 2 to just get a new PC/Mac.
    I have had some success using a product called Alohabob PC Relocator. It will transfer every possible program and file (including email settings, favorites,etc..) automatically. You install the software on both machines, connect them with a USB cable and it does the rest. Not good if you have a Mac but maybe others know of a good Mac solution.

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