Stop 5 Times to Get Started

I was reading Olivier Blanchard’s Brand Builder blog this evening and ended up here. I am always up for a quick, 5-step-plan — but even better this one is five stops. Perhaps that means I can have a coffee in between each one.

What Mike Wagner focuses on with these five stops is that someone actually has to OWN a brand.  If you want to build a brand, you have to make it yours. You have to take it out into the world and give it an airing, you must risk the uncertainty of the market, you have to put your creative neck on the block and hope that the axe is a bunch of flowers. You have to be resourceful and you have to leave your ego behind — because you are only going to succeed with the help and support of others.

Read Mike’s post for more insight into the steps/stops … but it is clear that one of the fundamentals of this is to put your SELF forward (see the name of Mike’s blog). This is more than just "living the brand" … this is actively embodying the brand. So if you want to bring your brand to life, read the five stops and get to it. Good luck!