Blogosphere Grows

I am the first to admit that I held off from blogging for some time … I too felt that it was a fad that would pass, and that I, with my extensive experience in the online world, would be vindicated. Alas, I was wrong, and continue to be proven so. In fact, even a casual glance at this site will show that I have been regularly posting for months now (am I addicted … hmmm … no way, I can stop at anytime!).
As you can see from the Technorati growth charts, the Blogosphere continues its amazing performance (if only my web stats were following this trend!). Dave Sifry, the founder of Technorati, goes into the details in this post, but it is clear that blogs are transforming the way that regular web users are interacting online.  And  with tools like Typepad, WordPress and Blogger all making it easier and easier to write and maintain your blog, anyone with an Internet connection can now become an online publisher.
It used to be easy for marketers to reach their audiences. We could just go to a TV network and buy airtime, or to a publisher and buy a page in a high circulation magazine or newspaper. Now there are thousands of authorities with hundreds or even thousands of readers each … all with an opinion and all with a story to tell. The challenge for us is to have a story that will attract the storytellers or all shapes and sizes. So not only is the blogosphere changing the way that our audiences interact … they are challenging the way that WE think.

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