Can Viral Kill You?

The problem with bloggers ranting about BAD viral projects is that it helps promote bad creative work. So while I will not be sharing the link to the "Dancing Doughboy", I will share with you the link through to Seth Godin’s rant on it. Now, take it from me, it is NOT worth checking out.

BUT … I would love to know how many of you could not resist. Check it out, and then send me a comment or email to let me know that you CANT BEAT the hypertext addiction.

What this points out is something more problematic for those constantly pushing for innovation in online marketing. Until we are able to move beyond simple analytics (ie "wow 30,000 page impressions) to complex analysis and reporting (ie "cool, we funnelled 10,000 visitors into a rich experience that generated 500 new sales"), then the marketers will still fund poor creative to appear "on top of" the internet marketing game.


One thought on “Can Viral Kill You?

  1. Thanks for the comment. I showed this to my girlfriend and she thought it was “cute”, however she said she wouldn’t be sending it to her friends as it would just be a proponent for friends deleting her other emails because it’s “not that funny”. It’s official, it sucks.

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