Spelling with Flickr


To tell a story you have to be able to spell. If you have errors in your text then it becomes easy for readers to not engage with your content. It can appear sloppy or careless. Even I am guilty of this … a former editor and writer — someone who cares about writing and language — can also fall into the trap of laziness.

And while I know that Typepad comes with a built-in spell checker, I very rarely use it … and the result can sometimes mean that I find errors in my own writing. These errors rarely change the meaning of what I am saying, but it does effect the way that I read my own text.

I was reminded of this after reading SplaTT’s weblog and trying out this cool Flickr spelling tool. Another one for the Web 2.0 junkies … but it appeals to my interest in technology and words. So, what does your name spell in pictures?


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