The Power of Knowing

It is now 30 days since Guy Kawasaki began his blog, and he is now kindly sharing his statistics. What does it show … some very interesting information:

  • Plugging in postings: You can generate 20-30 times the number of clickthroughs by placing direct links in your posts rather than simply placing an item in the sidebar. My take: by providing a story, some context and a call to action, you are engaging with your audience, and giving them a reason to follow the link.
  • Blogs beat lists: three times the number of click throughs are generated by entries on the blog as opposed to listserver mailouts. My take: addressing the impatient (ie those that come to your blog as opposed to those who wait to receive your information) is always the way to go.
  • Funnel your readers: Generate 2-3 times more traffic to your main site by providing a place for your readers to congregate — that is, blog on!  My take: remember that those impatient souls that come to visit you will also follow the stream of links from your blog. Make sure you link back to your own site (sorry I this is it for me!).

Again it comes back to the story. Make it compelling and make it easy … and surprisingly an audience will follow.